Web & Mobile development

We are software company specializing in Python WEB development.

We are located in Ukraine and cooperate with customers all around the World.

For 2 years being in IT-market we developed more than 10 projects, built strong relationships with companies from Canada and UAE.

Front-end developer.

We need a person who will be responsible for front-end part of our projects:
- HTML development (PSD-to-HTML+CSS)
- front-end development using backbone.js framework and coffeescript

UI Architector.

Great architector/engineer of interface, usability.

Simple and short requirements:
- Experience in building high-efficiency user interface for WEB

It's remote and project based job with hourly or fixed payment.


Our team always needs a star designer to cooperate on project basis.

If you have a great portfolio;
If people falling down seeing your pictures;
If you see a lot of area to improve in Apple.com;
Please, give us a call!

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